Projector HDMI connection help pls

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Found 4th Sep 2009
I'm trying to hook up my projector to SKY HD and/or my Apple TV via HDMI.... neither will output the signal.

I have connected my DVD player using the HDMI cable, so I know that both the cable and the connection on the projector work fine, but seemingly not with SKY HD and the AppleTV. Any ideas why it won't work?


Do you have to go into the sky box settings and select a different output etc?

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Nope, I don't think so - the only output setting that I can see relates to HD output and it's set to automatic anyway.

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I tried updating the software on the SKY HD box (reboot while holding backup button), and the onscreen message saying this might take 10 minutes etc actually showed on the projector - so I thought great it's solved... But as soon as the SKY box rebooted itself and started showing a channel, then the disaply went off the projector.

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