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Found 10th Jul 2018
good afternoon all. I'm a total novice in regards to my question.

I have been looking at buying a projector, it's not going to be in a static location, I would like to use it in multiple rooms so more portable, I have the potential to get a short throw, if I don't get a short throw. the projector will be located around 14ft from the wall it's going to be projected on. I have been told the optomal gt180 derbee is a good short throw at around £770.00 richer sound. or the others again Optoma hd152x I have been told is good by at £699. both projector are around 3000 to 3200 ANSI lumens I think I would like them to be as bright as possible so I don't have to use it in a totally dark environment also just in case I ventured to the garden with it once it's dark. alternatively are there any others projectors that could be recommended? for the same sort of money?

Thanks for any help.
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lg makes several STP for example FP1000U
there is BenQ, Sony, ViewSonic...
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