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    I am looking for a projector mount that is suitable for a sloping ceiling (my loft conversion). It must have a drop of between 50 and 80 cm from the ceiling and at least a 15 degrees axis to tilt the projector downwards or any otherway.

    I have found one to fit the bill as an example but its quite expensive. Its made by Vogel's. The link is in the second post.

    If anyone can find a mount to suit these requirements or a similar mount or a cheaper price for this vogels mount, please reply with advice!


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    Here is the vogels mount I mentioned in post #1, Its £115 delivered:

    Can made one, use a shelf, check size of screws that attach to projector and buy butterfly screws (so can adjust up and down)
    If you setup correct pointing to centre of screen, never have to adjust. Cost under 10 quid for wood and shelf in b+q or somewere.
    use PROPER fixing screws to hold the wait

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    Thanks for trying guru but you dont understand what I mean.
    I cant mount a shelf as the back wall is waaaay to far back so I have to have a ceiling mount.
    But, I have a sloping ceiling and so must have a ceiling plate to accomodate this (like the one in the vogels example) The drop is 135cm from the ceiling to the screen. But using some simple trigonometry, I have calculated that If I have a 15 degree tilt on the mount so the projector can tilt downwards, I can have a minimum drop of 50cm which is great but I dont mind as long as it does not go over 80cm.

    I like the vogels so if noone can find another cheaper mount, can anyone find it cheaper than £115 delivered?

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    please, someone, help?
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