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Posted 4th Oct
i,m looking to get a projector and screen to use in the garden for the kids,can any 1 recommend something but also tell me how they work i,e can i use a fire stick or do i need something else, i know it may sound a dumb ? to some but i,ve no clue where to start, i would like to use it in the day time aswell as night, any links would be a plus thanks all.
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I set up a open air cinema set up in the garden this year. I paid about £50 for a 720 mini projector from amazon and £10 for a screen (basically a sheet). It did the job but wasn’t the greatest. So ended up spending about £170 on a better projector which is more than adequate quality for what I wanted to achieve. You will have to spend an awful lot of money to get a project decent enough to work during the day. Both projectors I bought has hdmi inputs so you can plug in a fire stick or sub or even sky q mini box which is what I did.
All of them with the £170 projector. This is the mini projector for £50
Thanks it looks great
When you say use it through the day time, do you mean outside? If you do you're looking an absolute fortune for one with high lumens, they aren't meant for outside use, its in doors with the lights off or curtains drawn to get the best experience. You'll be able to watch it in the house during the day but will look washed out.

I've reviewed quite a few of projectors on my YouTube channel and the cheap ones might be ok for kids, but older people will want better quality. Don't get me wrong you'll be blown away by the size.
After playing about with the cheap ones priced between £40-100 I decided to bite the bullet and get an Optoma hd26 1080p on Gumtree for £300 with 100" screen and 25m HDMi lead, the guy just wanted rid so got a bargain.
I don't even use a TV anymore, absolutely love the projector for films and gaming.
Only thing is you'll want a decent surround sound as the built in speakers are pretty crap, normally 5w-15w, they do the job but you'll know what I mean when you listen.
Have a look on RicherSounds you should get a 1080p for around £400... not sure what your budget us? But it'll be £400 well spent.
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