Found 22nd Dec 2007
I need to buy a new LCD TV, but i was thinking one of the new HD Projectors might be a better choice as i'll use to watch movies mainly. The problem is i don't know what to look out for or what type to go for so all help and a nudge in the right direction wouldnt go a miss.


PS: Merry Christmas
:-) Time to get in the festive spirit


hi 4site.

You dont mention what your budget is for your new purchase.

There are dozens of projectors on the market at the moment and just like LCD and Plasma TVs they have a wide spectrum of features and costs. If you could provide a target price i might be able to assist further.

As a general rule though you wont be able to buy a full 1080p projector for less that £1300 however you can get 1280x720P projector for well under £1000 pounds.

Look here for some great reviews and advice.

if your going on a smaller budget optoma movie time hd compatable in pc world built in dvd quite good 399 i paid and bought nice lcd also for everyday tv

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Thanks to you both
I got a budget of about £1500 - but why use it all up if i can get something suitable for less ;-)

Also I was thinking of using a wall, does a screen make a big difference?

I want to use it as a main tv for multiple things, movies, sport, computer games etc.
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