hi,im looking at getting a projector but havent really got a clue what to look for im not looking at the top end of these things some thing round £300-400 max.Been looking so long but thats all i ever do because i dont know what im looking for or at and im just going round in circles.Reading reviews some look good then others are ripping it apart please help.


    Is it to view video or mainly just powerpoint?

    The NP100A is quite good value at £349ish. NEC are reliable, easy to maintain and this is DLP with a good 2000 ANSI Lumens. I work in a uni and although we don't use this particular model, out of the 250 or so we have, the majority are NEC.

    I have owned this model for 18 months now. ]http//ww…tml
    I think it bought it from MISCO for around £450.00 ish so it may be cheaper now if you search other sites.

    My other half has the surround sound going through it, sky, his xbox and also the pc, granted we do have a few wires hanging about!
    It's HD too so great for watching films. We haven't had to replace the bulb yet and it is used daily on low lamp.

    The quality of the picture is great. We bought a 100 inch blackout blind to screen it on and it works a treat!!

    Google the model and take a look at reviews and stuff. I know how long it took me to get one so i understand your plight!

    Good Luck

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    Is it to view video or mainly just powerpoint?

    only for films but maybe abit of 360 many things to take into account not least the cost of a new bulb. thankks for the replies guys

    I use an Optoma HD70 for the same usage and it is really good. I had a Panasonic AE100 LCD Projector before that, but there is no comparison. It cost me about £700 a little over a year ago, there is a really good price for a similar one on ebay here:


    Same model at Play with a free screen (few quid over your budget though)…593

    Personally I would take the ebay deal as it is a really good saving for a ex-display model with warranty. The model seems to be very highly rated by the bods at AVForums. Support from Optoma is ace, mine didn't get on with my HDMI DVD Player. Sent it back to Optoma and the updated the firmware for me, gave it a clean and sent it back, worked perfectly ever since.

    Note it look like you can't do an ebay link in here so just copy the link and replace the stars with their address when pasting.

    Oh and don't worry about the rainbow effect, I have seen it on a old Sagem DLP TV, but neither myself, nor the 20 or so people who have watched films with me have seen one with my Optoma HD70.

    I got my 1080i Projector for £40!! bargain

    Where will you be putting it? On the ceiling?
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