Projectors banned??

    Anyone any idea why the thread started by punkemo, about HD projectors has been pulled. Posted this morning.

    He punkemo has been banned, after just one post by the look of it.

    I was interested in the projectors the post was linking to.



    Probably self promo.

    As saint said. I'm pretty sure there's a thread on here somewhere from way back about somebody 'helping' their brother out by pointing out the good deals he has on projectors.

    Found it:…ed/

    Pretty sure it was the same company.


    Yeah Punkemo was banned for SP / Multi ID abuse :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys...
    But I presume the actual co. is legit? :thinking:


    Thanks guys... But I presume the actual co. is legit? :thinking:

    It probably is, but you pays your money and takes your risk. By the way those projectors aren't HD, that was BS on the ops part:thumbsup:

    By the way I just did a Whois on the site and it is indeed the one mentioned in the link in my other post....

    Original Poster

    Cheers....thank you for the help.
    I'm looking to replace a slide projector. They look like they could do the job, having a card reader to load digital pics on.
    But I've only just started looking, so don't know much about them. LOL.
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