Groups - Are they legit ?

    Just recieved this email from a normally reliable source, tried to order but the website is a bit suspicious. Not much about them on google either.

    Can't find any trace of the original deal on hotdeals ?

    anyone got a credit card?

    Alsam 26/01/09 14:07

    Panasonic TH - 42 plasma TV - Widescreen
    Price: £27.85

    won't let you use a debit card.
    doubt they'd honour it but worth a shot.
    Yes i got this off


    it comes up as an mp3 player, once through payment process, not worth bothering with tbh

    sorry should have put well dodgy, does ask you for another card, scam

    The original deal has been deleted because, I presume, the site is a bit suspect.

    Original Poster

    I did get 2 in my basket but became suspicous when it refused one credit card and asked me to try another, though it maybe a credit card harvesting scam.

    Maybe cos internet here is slow at lunchtime that site appears 'dodgy'.

    Not going to bother now.

    I had a look at this and had a 50" Kuro in my basket for £28.10 Got through to the payment stage and the page is not SSL encrypted, so I call shenanigans! SHENANIGANS! Think I shall sit this one out...

    same as Alsam! problem with credit card info may be dodgy!



    I've removed 2 listings for this Company today as the website was only registered in the USA on 28/12/2008, they don't appear to be listed at Companies House & there is no contact telephone number. If the payment process isn't displaying proper encryption certs & it's asking for multiple credit cards details, then please be careful.

    The only contact detail listed on the web site is 432 Edgware Road, London, W2 1EG - there are no phone numbers.

    A quick Google reveals that 432 Edgware Road is the address of a well know store, AJ Electronics. I called AJ Electronics and they said that they knew nothing about such a web site and indicated that there had been a few cases of web sites passing thenselves as AJ Electronics.

    I'd stay well clear of these guys!


    They have registered themselves under a address which is actually another shop. They are simply scamming you out of your money. And that cheap plasma for less than £30 was supposed to attract people to their site, they would simply not send you anything and take your money, also most their prices are lower than any other shop you can find... BECAUSE THEY'RE FAKE PRICES. Once again do NOT shop there.

    Too good to be true? Course it is.

    Googled the address on their contact details, rang the company based there called AJ Electronics, who said they would like to know how to contact Promactech too as they are not them and don't want their address on the site. So there you go.

    I went on this site today to purchase a camera, that was £100 cheaper than any where else. This is not a secure site, they ask for your details including date of birth and credit card details - no padlock symbol, so information is not encripted. Credit card details not accepted, they ask you to provide details of another card.

    I was so keen to take advantage of this offer, I went along with it, although I knew it seemed suspect. Of course the sale did not complete and they have my address and details of two credit cards. Within seconds, I realised what a stupid fool I had been, I knew it was too good to be true, but it brought that camera I desired into my price range. Within minutes I cancelled both credit cards, and now have to wait up to 10 working days to recive new ones.

    A close escape - PLEASE BEWARE has used, literally verbatim, information from the 'SECURE' website below (techstore) - 'T&C', 'About Us' etc. only changing the name where necessary.…nt/

    After trying to buy a bargin camera I had to cancel 4 c/cards this morning after I realsied that the site is most certainly NOT encrypted as it suggests it is. None of them had been used fruadulently - YET!

    What an idiot!

    Would be Interested to hear from anyone who, as a result of using this dodgy site, has had any fraudulent activity on their c/cards since.

    In addition....

    they also now have email addresses, passwords, date of birth......!
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