Promotional copy of XBOX 360 Games... question

Found 1st May 2007
Hi peeps,

Wonder if anyone can help me... ive been offered the chance to buy a 360 game at a good price, its brand new and sealed but its a promotional copy.

Does anyone know if these are exactly the same as the full retail versions? full game, able to use on live etc?


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Yes these are usually the full retail copy of the games.

The only differences are that they have the yellow band 'Promotional copy not for resale' across the cover. Which means you won't be able to trade in on the highstreet. Oh and that the majority of the time they don't come with an instruction booklet. But don't let that put you off, most games have tutorials to help you get to grips with the game. You could probably find .pdf formats of the booklets on the internet.

Other than that it's the full game.
Thanks for that :-) rep added:)
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