Promotional items - wheres the best place to buy?

Found 28th Feb 2008
Hey guys,
I'm looking for some promoional items like lighters, beer mats, pens, magnets, cups.. and pretty much anything else at a decent price....

Anyone know the best place to find some bargains?

I'm looking for betwen 100 - 1000 (depending upon item and price)

And I'll need to have my own websites URL and logo printed on them
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depends what you want them for and how many.

I used to run a pub and I would phone Guinness, Bud, Smirnoff, Caffrey's, Carling etc. and ask them for promotional items to use as prizes and giveaways. In return, I would put up promotional posters and put their logo on the quiz sheets and promotional displays. Then I would send them pictures and let them know how much their product sales increased by. Guinness even sent a couple of gorgeous Guiness Girls down to help get the buzz going.

Might be worth a try - if you don't ask, you don't get......
Ebay can be quite good - depending on what you want...
I want to print my own logo on them for my website and give away freebies to my members...

I was thinking about lighters, mousemats, pens, magnets, anything people can use that I can have my own logo on...

As for quantity I am talking 200 - 1000 depending on what it is... I'd like to get some beer mats printed then give them away to pubs as promotion for my site... then go round and hand out lighters in the bar... then I'll need stuff to give away on the site aswell...

Any advice on where to buy is appreciated!
Thanks guys!
Hi, what field are you trying to promote, I know you commented on a website but for what? Many promotional items are just wasted and get thrown away!
Thanks for the reply!

They will be given directly to the users of my site as freebies, competition prizes for runner ups, as promotional items given away in several locations... just to make people aware I exist and what I can offer...
Rep left for those that helped

Any other ideas / stores appreciated!

You will probably find that it will work out to be one of the dearest ways of advertisng, getting these things printed isnt cheap.

One of the things ive used for the last few years is clear key rings, you can print off whatever you want, whenever you want

Why would you be giving out things to people who use your website, they already know you exist, your website can do the rest of the work from there. Your market really needs to be newbies.

You may have a problem with the pubs and beermats, as most pubs are still tied and have to promote what they given
To encourage them to use it more and recommend it to newbies :)... Increased traffic and loyalty...

The questions remains... does anyone know where the best place to pick up some bargains? (Please dont say ebay... as I havent seen anything remotely like a bargain on there)
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