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My son is going to his leavers prom on friday. I was not aware that this american ritual had made it over to our shores, in my day we had a disco in the hall with kylie & jason!
Anyway, what i need to know is should my son purchase a corsage for his girlfriend? as is the tradition in the USA?
Anyone else experienced these Proms?
Thanks in advance

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whats a corsage :lol: our prom was just a formal ball thingwy

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it is a flower that a girl wears round her wrist or pins it to her dress

They had a load of flower type things by the tills of New Look in Bluewaters the otherday, i picked up one and it had a pin on the back.

What age?

Have been doing them at the end of high school for years but now doing them at the end of primary school!

My son has his in a couple of weeks and I was just thinking exactly the same thing. Its his year 11 prom.
He looked at me very blankly when I mentioned it, dont think he even knew what one was.
I would not like his date to feel left out but dont want him to look like a complete idiot turning up with one if no one else does.
Could do without the complications, exams are enough to deal with at the moment!!!

yes, and it'll need to be matching her dress

Why not have a word with the girl's mum? She'll know if the girl would want one or even wear one - plus you can find out what the dress is like etc. My two elder girls didn't have a prom thank god - it seems to cost a fortune these days. Someone was in the paper today about hiring a helicopter to take his son to the prom (instead of the usual limo) but the school put their foot down. Unbelievable what parents will do to outdo each other!

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Thanks everyone:thumbsup::thumbsup:
He is year 11 and yes it is a fortune, a suit, new shoes , shirt, £20 ticket and £8 cab plus drinks!, I will take on board your advices, many thanks
x x

11 :w00t: i still thought boys were horriable at that age, come to think of it they still are :whistling:

Prom at age 11. Seems a bit extreme, Majority of kids would not have dates so corsages would be out of the question. School should put their foot down and just call it a disco where they can dress up but not formal stuff..

For the 16 and 18yr proms, corsages would be laughed at. Cannot imagine many girls wanting to wear one, just impractical with most outfits. Having been through 3 older proms in the past few yrs, nover been an issue.

We can take some things from USA but we don't need all of we??

Can you lot not read, it says YEAR 11


make sure he has a pack of three too !

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make sure he has a pack of three too !



Can you lot not read, it says YEAR 11

:oops::oops: apologies,thought it said age 11

Reassuring to know world is not that mad yet then, Ha. ;-)

What a complete and utter knock. You can't do anything these days without having to spend a fortune. Prom my ar*e
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