Propolis Eye Drops?

Found 7th Mar 2013
Hey guys, i need to get some eye drops for my eyes as ive got a minor eye infection. Ive been recommended Propolis eye drops by a friend, however i neglected to ask her where she got them from. Would this product be alright to use with my eyes?

THanks in Advance
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I don't know whether they work for eye infection, but the best drops for your eyes by far are Eyesiccal eye drops (www.eyesiccal.com). They're completely natural with arnica, chamomile and eyebright, no chemicals, no alcohol, no preservatives (can be used with contact lenses). Absolutely fantastic.
It's not for use in the eyes. Go to a pharmacy and ask their advice. There are OTC ant-bacterials available that are safe for the eyes - they will advise you. If it's persistent/getting worse see your GP or optician.
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