proposing to the girlfriend - need help buying a ring etc

    Hi all, I need some advice. I am away with the gf in Jan 09 to New York for 5 days and I am planning on proposing however I am unsure whether to buy the ring beforehand and then propose with it or just propose and then let her choose the ring herself when we are back in the UK (or possibly New York, but then there is the customs issue) ....... anyone have a view on this?

    If I am going to buy it beforehand does any have any recommendations? I don't mind buying online or visiting the jeweller myself, but I have around £1500 (a few hundred either way) to spend.


    My location is Manchester if that helps.

    cheers, Matt.


    NYC go to Tiffany's

    My husband (of 9 days lol) knew what ring I would have liked before he bought it for me. If you know which ring she would like then go for it, however if you're not really sure I'd advise you to let her pick - after all, she'll be wearing it forever, and you'll want her to love it.

    My friend's fiance proposed to her, she accepted, then he produced a ring in a box - and she hates it! She doesn't want to tell him, and I think it's abloody gorgeous ring, but it's just not what she would have picked for herself.

    Hi mate,

    Did this myself this time last year (congrats by the way).

    I shipped a ring in from India, cost me £1500, but it was a 1kt platinum solitaire princess cut ring, valued at a jewelers over here at £4400.


    0% interest as well

    If it was me gettng proposed to I'd love the fact that you had the ring there to do it with as it shows preperation whereas otherwise it could be seen as a whim..... also ask the dads permission as this is a big thumbs up!!

    You should know her enough to know what she'd like!

    defo have a ring....i think its sweet when guy makes the effort...but then i have mates who like to chose themselves... persoally u cant go wrong with an engagemnt rock..big shiny rock....!!

    birmingham have a fab jewelery quarter

    How about the ultimate engagement ring?

    One from Tiffany New York!!

    Your girlfriend will love you forever and ever and be the envy of all her friends

    I have one and it is gorgeous, off to buy the matching wedding ring at Christmas

    Oh yeah, Xena's right, ask for permission first - I started crying when my husband (hehe I love calling him that) told me he had asked permission!

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies so far, we have been together 3 years almost and now I feel and I am positive she feels the same way, now is the right time and I hope she will have no idea when we go to New York. Keep the ideas coming! thanks so much. Matt.

    I agree with xena-knowing your finace to be has loads to do with why you are together so being prepared with something she will like is a good idea. Tiffanys have lovely rings but i guess a little out of your price range. I suggest looking at the site ChrisUK suggested-sounds good! Good luck, hope she says yes!

    Do it when its not expected, like just wandering through central park or summin, not at the top of a tower or out like that

    Love the idea of being proposed to with a ring but i KNOW id prob be thinking " mmmm its nice but id like to have picked it " lol
    Im never happy LOL

    If she loves you she will love any ring!
    It will be more romantic if you have a ring.

    Oh also, if you live in Manchester have you ever heard of the Craft centre? Its in the northern quarter, not far from Bluu etc
    Theres the link but there is a shop in there which makes jewellery to your design and i always think that personalised jewellery wins hands down as no one else will have that ring and it shows the thought you put in. I would check it out, she can show you pictures and help you out and they do rings in all types of styles and to your specifications, they also do engraving which will be a very cute touch. The shop in the craft centre is called RA Designer Jewellery

    ]Tiffanys have diamond rings starting around $1000, have a look on their site for inspiration but they have other stock in store and it is such a beautiful shop. Book beforehand and they will lay on a champagne and canape reception for you if you ask nicely. How romantic, lucky girlfriend.

    When i proposed i bought a cheap wooden funky ring from a shop while we were on holiday, in Devon, then we got one together when we got back, she preferred it that way because she could choose, but still had something special when i asked. But it depends on the person.

    TBH the best bet would be tiffanys been as you will be in NYC. She'll love it!!

    PS buy me some chocolate creme double stuf oreos while you're out there!!!

    Original Poster

    thanks Choc, you sound v.sweet
    Louis, I am in the city centre so I'll swing by the northern quarter tomorrw

    Did the same thing 2 yrs back, been married for 3 months.

    Designed the ring and had it made at Jewellers in Nantwich, very highly recommended and brilliant service. PM if you want the details. Wedding rings were made there too.

    Little tip, dont wait till late at night, missus was that tired from all the shopping she didn't want to leave the hotel room so had to ask the question there instead of the planned statue of liberty! - Doh!

    Asking her dad first will work a treat too!! - extra brownie points, escpecially with the mother in law when she eventually finds out!!! :-)

    Right ok, this is what i did a few weeks back..........

    We were going to Florida and i knew i wanted to do it, had asked her dad and got the nod :w00t:

    I wanted it to be special, ie the location. Didnt want to just do it at home, in a restaurant or anything cheesy.

    So, knowing she loves Florida and Magic Kingdom especially, my thinking was to propose at Cinderellas castle which is exactly what i did.
    She was shocked and over the moon. Oh and she said yes... :-D

    Now, since we have been home EVERYONE has commented on how thoughtful and special it was and that its something she will always remember and most probably a place she will return to again and again.

    So, thats the first part out of the way. Propose somewhere really special !!!

    Secondly, i also had to decide whether to buy a ring in the uk or whether to wait and get it over in the US.
    So what i did was buy a cheapish £20 ring from argos (looked decent and like a solitaire) and took that with me and thats what i proposed to her with, knowing after looking into the cost, quality and choice in the uk we would then pick the ring in the states which would save us a fortune.

    So, like all females, the next day!! We were shopping for engagement rings in the premium outlets in orlando.
    The service and value for money compared to what was on offer here was amazing.
    After trying on loads of different styles, sizes of diamonds etc etc she decided on a beautiful tiffany set three quarter carrot, white gold engagement ring for approx £2000.

    The lady who served us said to get it insured as soon as we got home for at least £4500 which we did.

    So, the morale of the story........ Make sure you propose in a very special place / location which you will both remember for the rest of your lives and i would definately recommend doing it the way i did. We have saved a fortune and have got so much more for our money !!!!

    All the best and let us know what you decide :thumbsup:

    My husband had a rough idea of the kind of thing i would like i.e platinum rather than yellow gold, He wasn't sure whether i would want a diamond solitaire or a cluster of diamonds. He went for the cluster and made sure it was from a place where it could be exchanged if need be. I liked it but..... I had always dreamt of a single diamond SO we simply exchanged. He didn't ask my dad though (mainly because he is quite shy) so we went together to my parents and rather than telling my mum and dad we were engaged we ASKED their permission to which they said yes of course. Good luck with it all. The revolving restaurant at the top of the Rockerfella centre is a fantastic place to fo too!!!

    I definately agree you should have the ring ready.

    Can't really offer any advice other than I wish you both all the best


    use a haribo ring lul



    awww now see i think that would be dead sweet......(sweet get it) that … awww now see i think that would be dead sweet......(sweet get it) that would really impress long as at some point I got a real one..:giggle:

    lol nah ill just get the haribo.. think i can afford a 2k ring:-D advice but wish you all the best!!

    Good luck, she will just love everything, its all the thought and the little details that make it special xx
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