Best supermarket prosecco?

Posted 10th Feb
Saw a list of supermarket prosecco on the money saving website for a little valentines gift. Don't mind it but not really a prosecco drinker, from those who are which of the below is nicest?

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Not on your list, but the M&S one is my favourite, having tried many supermarkets.…are
Give a pass to this Lidl version - undrinkable acid. I bought couple of bottles for New Year, been on promo then, returned second for a refund. Lidl has some very nice vines but this is just horrendous, avoid.
Another vote for m&s £8-10 ish but much nicer than the rest. If I had another that’s on your list from tesco bella cuchina is nice too, absolutely don’t buy their plaza bottle it’s terrible!

if you have a Costco card their own brand stuff is about 5/6 a bottle and is very nice
Just did a quick survey of a few wine recommendation sites and most seem to be in the £8-10 range.
However, if you can wait like a hawk and your luck's in then the Lidl wine of the week from 13-19 Feb looks the thing :…-2/
Good quality prosecco for a fiver (and have seen recommended elsewhere).
As far as arguments for the better bottles, as well as the Tim Atkin article linked to , here's another prettier one :…cco
Good luck.
Co Op isn't too bad
Sainsbury's TTD Conegliano Prosecco is rather good (i.m.o.) . (I've not tried the one you've mentioned from Sainsbury's, but the Conegliano is lovely).…5cl
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