Protect my bubble any good for insuring gadgets

hi I'm looking to to insure gadgets I have are protect my bubble any good or shall I go with my bank


Depends on the cost, the excess and what they cover. I don't know the terms bubble have offered or the terms your bank have offered so no one but u can make a comparison.

Be very careful with these. Do your research. I certainly would NOT recommend.

Check if your house insurance or bank offers phone insurance.

Sons GF broke her phone twice in three years, they refused to payout, replace, or repair the 2nd time.

Quite happy to keep taking her money though.

Wouldn't recommend. My sister in law had an iphone insured with them, cracked the screen and they wanted an excess that was more than the price to get it fixed elsewhere with genuine Apple parts. After reading through the documents I came to the conclusion that it was effectively a non-insurance, as most situations carried an excess which would make you financially better off to pay for a repair elsewhere rather than make a claim. Avoid like the plague if you ask me.
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