Protect your Mobile Phone insurance!

    Was thinking of insuring my HTC Desire, anyone had experience with these and actually claimed?


    Anyone know any good mobile phone insurance companies?


    i do mine with my bank account works out much better.
    get alsorts thrown in as well. travel insurance, breakdown cover, currency exchange, extended warrentys loads more.
    and it costs less than £13 a month.

    natwest is mine - but most banks so a similar thing.

    Check on Home insurance as some incudes personal items such as mobiles/mp3's etc.


    £6-95 a month here, for phone up to £350…shx plus other benefits

    I have a student bank account so no luck for me with the bank for insurance but as anyone used Seems stupidly cheap, id only want the silver package +6 quidco!


    I used Protect Your Bubble to insure my HTC Touch HD - think it cost £4.99 a month. When I had to claim they got me a new handset really quickly - all in all it was a pretty hassle free experience, so I'd recommend them

    I have used Protect Your Bubble and found them to be really good! The site is easy to use and the prices are really reasonable. I had to make a claim and was really impressed, they got things sorted really quickly. Would recommend.
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