Protected no claims bonus

    Question about car insurance please. I have been sold a protected no claims bonus rather then the guaranteed no claims bonus I wanted (probably as much my fault as the telephone operator).

    Anyway looking at the policy it says that my no claims discount will only be reduced if I have more then 2 claims in 5 periods of insurance. Is this standard or does it vary from one insurer to another? I thought my last one said 2 claims in a 3 year period but I may be wrong. And do they still count if they are a "no fault" claim? Thanks


    It seems to vary from one insurer to another. No fault claims shouldn't count (having your car vandalised, stolen or hit by an uninsured driver is your fault!).

    I think the whole business is a scam anyway as insurance seems to go up after a claim even if the no-claims-discount is protected!

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    yes it does i know - that never makes sense to me either
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