Protective Adult Gloves For Quad Bike

Found 12th Jan 2011
Looking for a good pair of gloves as above as a gift... not a clue which ones are good and which are not. anyone out there with some advice on what to look for I would be very greatful.

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Depends really if want sort of riding they are doing!

Have they got hand guards on the quad?

I use Alpinestars that are neroprene, the gloves can get wet but they still feel warm and comfy. Also use my Answer gloves which where part of the kit. Or sixsixone do some that are thicker and have multiple layers that are really warm and dry, but i found them too bulky.

Alpinestars where about £30
Sixsixone about £30
Answers where about £20.

Wulfsport do cheap gloves , some are cotton based and a bit cheap, but the neroprene ones they do are reasonable.

If the person is riding somewhere in which their hands could get hit by debris then you might want to consider getting gloves with padding/armour aswell....
1stmx.co.uk are a good shop..

or go to a local MX shop near you and see what they have.
Thank you for both.
Another great investment i have put on my quad is hand guards. Tends to deflect any debris away but also keeps the wind directly off your hands aswell....

Neroprene style are now my preferred choice, thin but warm and reasonably dry. What a lot of MX'ers do when it is really wet is to put rubber gloves on underneath the other gloves keeps wind and water off even more!
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