Protein Bars

    Does anyone know where to get cheap protein bars from. In holland and barrett they are around £1.50 per bar.

    I missed a deal on here before for loads of them. I am just not willing to pay £1.50 when i will have to buy loads of them, hopefully someone knows where i can buy in bulk.


    I always see them in either Superdrug or Boots. Also try places like Home Bargains or B&M who may have loads in and sell them for cheap :-)

    Make your own.

    BG1 made a workout thread and tells you how to do iit in there.

    Have a look in here if you fancy making your own > Your text here

    Will save you a fair bit of money.

    Original Poster

    oh awesome, never thought of doing that. Might have to try creating my own if i cant buy em cheap.

    Shame i dont have a home bargains or b&m store near me.
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