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Found 5th Mar 2012
I wanted to buy the whey protein from my protein, but I was just wondering whether anyone has tried the 'cyclone' from maximuscle

and well I just wanted to know is it actually worth the extra £30 odd quid?
or should i just stick to my protein stuff?
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Depends what you're after buddy... Cyclone's good for what it does..

Some reviews on there (Good price too, they'll match any/most prices..)

I bought a load of Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey, but when I run out/manage to sell it, I'll be buying MyProtein again...
I have maxi muscle promax extreme and i haven't got a bad word to say about it.

mixes well. tastes nice and im seeing results in 2 weeks...
hmm im just looking for lean muscle now, i doubt i'll bulk up lol

just wondering whether I should get on protein again because I stopped gym a couple months ago because of uni!

Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated!
I bought Myprotein, I got the strawberry one. It is really nice. Tastes just like nesquik. Some shakes I have used before Have tasted like crap.

Some can also make you bloated. I can't say anything about the results you will see because I've only been on it about 2 weeks.
myprotein - true whey - chocolate
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