Protools - Need help (screenshot included)

    I would like to know how do iget them so all tracks are editable, the top half are editable but the bottom half(in the gray) are not.

    How do i make them all editable?

    Just uploading image now


    Original Poster

    Original Poster

    Bump - need to know this mornin if possible.

    in the playback engine options maybe youve got a limited number of voices or tracks set might need to up it, either that or the greyed out tracks are routed to another output? check tha too.

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    Ive checked playback - no mention of it there? How to i check the other?

    Only difference i can see is that dyn is in blue but in the tohers its not?

    cant remember too much about protools soz but the basic reason it will be greyed out is either... the output for that track is not set to the soundcard... the link to the actual audio file has been broken (file moved maybe?) or its simply been made inactive (muted etc) cant remember the options settings to help you more
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