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    Pc advice please, is there anyway to print a screen shot other than via the PrtScr print button on a keyboard :w00t:


    Lol, really wanna ask why, but won't!

    Quick google, reckons there's software to do it, but didn't research any, so it is possible

    If you have multiple windows and only want a certain part you click on that window and press alt print screen which you can the paste into an email or any other document.

    Not sure if that's what you wanted!


    depends what it is for - theres a free program called screencorder, i know that can make videos of the desktop not sure about pics tho

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    What i need to do is send virgin trains a screenshot of one of their web pages, which i cant get to work properly


    you dont have to printscreen maybe you could reproduce it in photoshop or something?

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    here is the email i got from virgin trains

    Dear Me,

    I am sorry to hear of the problems encountered when using our site.

    I have checked and can confirm that I have been able to book tickets myself. I suggest you try making the booking once again and if you still face a problem in making your booking, please send us the exact screen print using the print key located above the insert key so that we can raise the issue with our IT department.

    We regret the inconvenience this may have caused.

    Kind regards



    what kind of keyboard do you have? is it the style where all the f-buttons (f1, f2 etc) and some of the other top buttons have more than one function?

    EDIT also what are you pasting it on to. I have just done it successfully using Alt+Prtscn then Ctrl + V to paste and save to paint

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    its a wireless keyboard
    f10=reply all

    A couple of things on top of what Pulves said about Alt+Print Screen -

    1) If you're using Vista, it has a new feature in it for screen dumps. I cannot remember the name of it, but I beleive it can be found by making your way through Start > Programs > Accessories > and one of the options there. It saves what you select in a range of file formats.

    2) If you're on a laptop and you're using XP, you'll have to hold down Fn when you press Print Screen. Once you've done that, start MS Paint up (Start > Programs > Accessories), click the Edit menu, and select Paste. You should save it as a PNG file and be able to send it as an attachment.

    Edit: Oh, wireless keyboard. There'll be a key on it for F lock or Fn, use one of them.

    Is it not on the far-right, near the DEL key? Mine's 3 keys left of the DEL key

    Post a pic of your keyboard and we can play hunt the Print Screen button

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    i know where the print screen button is, just cant get the fecker to work


    oh on mine i have to hold down a key called 'fn' maybe you need to hold some key down and press prt scren at same time?

    try shift and right mouse click and copy
    then right mouse click in word and paste

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    wow sorted

    thanks dxx, if you wasn't scottish and a bloke, i'd give ya a kiss

    thanks for all your help people, first time i have ever noticed the big "F" button before (only had the keyboard 3 years, so its relatively new)



    try shift and right mouse click and copythen right mouse click in word … try shift and right mouse click and copythen right mouse click in word and paste

    wow never knew about that 1 :thumbsup: lol. jst tried it
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