Found 9th Mar 2008
has anyone actualy gone through pru health to sign up with a gym?
I am thinking about it but i dont wanna sign up to a contract and end up paying more then i am paying now. I have read as much there is to read about it on moneysavingexpert but I havent met anyone that has actualy used the deal.

If you have used it please give feedback
How much you pay?
Is the process fast?
is it reliable?
Most importantly are you saving a great amount of money?

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i have!

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how is it. are you saving alot of money?
was it easy to sign up?
Do they actualy pay for your gym?

heres how it works
i signed up to pruhealth only for the gym - policy £21 or so p/m
i got quidco cashback of £155- not available at this cb anymore i think
for the first 3 months i HAVE to pay £30 p/m PLUS £25 signing on fee
if i am a regular user (2 or more times per week, target is 26 visits every quarter) the fee drops from £30 to £5 a month (its free with other gyms but im with virgin active so its £5)
i wouldnt say it saves a whole lot of money averaging it out i still pay £24 or so a month but its cheaper than their standard rates, also this takes into account cashback so doing it now is probably not worth it
very easy to sign up just pop into the branch u are gonna use and thats it
finally if you accumalate enoguh points during the year (10 points a visit me thinks) to reach platinum status (2000 points) your policy gets reduced by 100% meaning next year its free and being a regular user will be £5 a month so will be alot cheaper year 2

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wow thats great. Thank you for that.
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