Pruhealth gym scheme changing....what's the deal now?

    I joined Pruhealth last November purely to gain cheap gym access, as my current gym charges £73 a month and I originally thought I would require to pay the health insurance plus £100 within the first 3 months and then there would be no further costs providing you can attend at least twice a week on average, which is easy.

    But now I hear they're scrapping that method and instead it's about the amount of points you earn in total for taking advantage of loads of Pruhealth activities but what are they?

    I'm a Gold member at the moment and I don't think I'll have enough points to reach platinum within the next 6 weeks, so what's the deal in each case now?


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    Does anyone have any advice on how to rack up points as fast as possible?

    there are loads of ways of gaining points mate, read the pack you get.

    Easiest ones are reading various articles on dieting, excercise, smoking etc. sign up for a fitness test if you havent already, go more often too! hope this helps
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