PS 3 banned

Is it just me or has anyone read that sony are trying to stop bringing the console into the uk at the moment, i think i read also that they have told Ebay to stop anyone selling them and importing them into the Uk?


Is this what you mean?


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yeh thats it thanks Emma, have they managed to stop ebay sellers tho ??

Nothing can stop Ebay sellers, even large companies can't keep up with one day auctions, e-mail notification upon listing and the like.

Best they can do is ban the accounts, remove the auctions after the fact etc. but as youve already exchanged details (or with the monopoly of Paypal already swapped money) then by that stage it's done and dusted.

(Addendum: 'Ebay' can of course stop whoever and whatever they want, they could rather easily cut down on scams and illegal auctions by probably 90%+ but it's not financially beneficial. The illegal auctions probably make up their entire profit margin for the year )

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Ebay is scum aswell then !!!!!

i don't get that. can't legal action be taken for these cases?
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