PS+ Code?

Posted 3rd Oct
Anyone got a working code for a PS+ 14 day trial?
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Follow up question: if the PS4 has an account which has plus (and it’s the main account) can the rest of the accounts use ps+?
Not even a please
tomdavidrichards03/10/2019 16:29

Not even a please

Hmm, I realised I typically don’t say “please” on the internet, which may need to be rectified. But if I ask for something I’m always thankful towards the person who provided.

It’s fine I don’t need the code anymore. I’ve already got 15 months of plus, but wanted my nephew to play Destiny with me coop (so I could get him out of Fortnite), if he liked it, I would’ve bought him plus. He had my account on his console anyway for game sharing but I didn’t know you don’t need plus as long as you have an account signed in that has it.

Anyway, thanks for replying at least.
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