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Found 11th Dec 2010
I want to jailbreak my ps3 @ 3:50 F.W
What is the cheapest solution for doing this ?
Do i have to downgrade?

Please help


Yes you need to downgrade, see here.

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Thanks, gonna try with my iphone

Wowzers... seems like one hectic tutorial. Dont like the part about bricking your PS3 !

Good luck OP ;-)

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All done , took 2 hours to do though
Seems like a lot of homebrew and stuff floating about

Be aware that some people do lose blu-ray movie playback downgrading from 3.5

Ok can someone give me some info on this, seems confusing so far.

I still have 3.41 firmware but wanting to upgrade as bought a repaired YLOD PS3 on here that should arrive tommorow.

I really really want to use my main ps3 for online gaming and the repaired one just for media centre and emulators when they get around to it.

I heard theres a E3 card reader out there now, any ideas if this is a jailbreak device too?
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