PS Plus Games for February Possibly Leaked - Far Cry 4 & Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Found 26th Jan
Far Cry 4

Hidden in the towering Himalayas lies Kyrat, a country steeped in tradition and violence. You are Ajay Ghale. Traveling to Kyrat to fulfill your mother’s dying wish, you find yourself caught up in a civil war to overthrow the oppressive regime of dictator Pagan Min.

Explore and navigate this vast open world, where danger and unpredictability lurk around every corner.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Gamers are in for a big surprise in DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin. An unforgettable journey awaits you in a breathtaking world where each dark corner and unexpected encounter will test your resolve. Go beyond what you thought was possible and discover incredible challenge and intense emotional reward.

Whether you’ve previously played DARK SOULS™ II, or are new to the award-winning franchise, you are in for an entirely different experience with this exclusive, “Director’s Cut” version of the game.
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Wheres/who is the leak from
Neither of them sound credible to me. Far cry 5 is out in March and I'm not sure Ubi would rely on people wanting to play two far cries(?) back to back.

Imo Wasteland 2 will be the PS4 game along with some indie. If not that then something that has been in the Asian region but not here (God of war, R&C, Gravity remaster etc..).
benrobertsno13 h, 3 m ago

Wheres/who is the leak from

The Daily Star posted it, after further investigation it looks likely it's a fake story.
I think the following link gives massive credence to Far Cry 4 being one of the PS Plus games: playstation.com/en-…y4/

It's the legal blurb stating that a Far Cry 4 branded PlayStation® Plus: 12 Month Membership will be available from 29th January at 10am.
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LankySi7 h, 28 m ago

Ive just read this article …Ive just read this article https://theplaystationbrahs.com/2018/01/25/leaked-are-these-our-ps-titles-for-february-2018/It says that the following image is doing the rounds:[Image]

It's incredibly easy to fake images like that. As always, it's best not to trust any 'leaks' until the official reveal.
possible as both games have been on many sales for low prices on psn. I own both however but would be a great month for ppl without.
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