ps remote play & vr?

Found 21st Oct 2016
just wondering if anyone has managed or even tried to use PlayStation remote play on a phone for vr? then put the phone in a cheap headset... wondering if it would work to get a "taster" of psvr before I shell out £500 for it all!
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Don't think that's how it works oO
That's not going to work but nice try X)
why wouldn't it? after some googling it looks like it's possible? remote play streams the PlayStation to ur device Experia z3. the PlayStation does all the work, the vr just has a screen using gyroscope same as a phone. camera might be an issue so prob can't get it to work with every game but thought someone might of tried it! lol
There's quite a few reasons why it wouldn't work. One crucial reason is down to how VR is achieved. The image seen by each eye is slightly different. For phone VR content, the VR effect is created by splitting the screen in half and having it run side by side which looks like this. Remote play is the screen mirroring of the PS4 screen but the PS4 isn't splitting its display in half and then sending it to the PSVR to handle. The PSVR unit is more than just a head mounted display and the way PSVR content is displayed/utilised isn't just the PS4 outputting video based on motion inputs. Also the motion input is mainly from PS camera tracking the lights on the PSVR which couldn't be replicated by a phone's gyroscope.
it's a shame that they don't allow split screen on remote play on a phone, so it could be used as a cinema screen view, the ps1 emulator espxn allows it
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