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Found 16th Nov 2016
As title really, anyone use these for streaming their PS4 to a different room?

I already have a steam link to connect the PC to the living room but I'd like to do similar for the PS4 in leaving it in the living room and streaming to the spare room.

Already have homeplugs and steam link works well over them but would like to hear some first hand experience of the PS TV as they don't seem to be available in (m)any shops which says to me they might not work?



There ok! I bought one so it saved me taking my ps4 round my mates. The quality only does 720p or 1080i when streaming so doesn't expect as good picture as you do from the console on your tele.
You'd be best running ps4 and the pstv through ethernet as WiFi is laggy as out.
Good thing about the pstv is its essentially a ps vita as well

spare room doesn't have the pc in it does it? If so you can just use the pc app remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/rem…tml if you do use either then you will get best results with wired connection. I wasn't overly impressed when using wifi

WiFi is terrible on it. Ethernet is good. but I hope your not planning to play games like cod online. as there will be a slight delay it's into slight but it does notice when playing fast action games online.

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Oooh nice one Chris, never knew I could just use the PC as my spare room is the PC gaming room/junk room

I'll try it out on the PC and maybe get the PS TV if it works well as it would save a lot of power.

I mainly play offline on the PS4 so small amount of lag would be liveable and the living room and spare room are connected via Homeplugs so should be a decent speed connection.

Thanks for the comments all
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