Hi looking for some advice, I've bought a ps vita for my son who loves world of Warcraft type gaming (he's 21 !!) Anyone offer any advice re suitable games to buy that he may like?


There's not a lot like World of Warcraft on the Vita but Ragnarok Odyssey Ace & Dragons Crown are two good grindy fantasy games. For more traditional Fantasy RPG's Trails of cold steel, Final Fantasy X HD & Ys Memories of Celceta would be my recommendations

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He has asked for tales of berseria for Christmas so any of these similar X thanks for your help

Tales of heart R is available on vita which is coming from the same series.

depending on if he minds reading subtitles there are the Sword Art Online games. They're supposed to feel and play like MMOs but they are single player and Japanese-only voice over (with English subtitles).

Nothing like but i enjoyed my time with Freedom Wars.

Tales of Zestiria and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir are the ones to get!

I would highly recommend uncharted golden abyss and assassins creed liberation.

Dragon's Crown whilst not directly similar in gameplay style, has a lot of elements and themes that could be related to world of Warcraft.

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you guys are amazing x

I will second the advice mixmixi gave regarding tales of hearts R. Really good and similar to Berseria which he asked for. YS memories of Celceta is also one of my favourites.
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