Posted 16th Dec 2022
Just got an email from octopus of january increase of 8%.
on the PRE goverment help they would be charging 0.90p Per KWH.

Absolutly bonkers.

Were on fixed gas till next year but definitly feel sorry for all those in cottages, and electric only heating.
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    don't see how can increase in January,said freeze till April, after April god knows, on my bill it showed it should be 48 but then has discount on bill so my traffif is 33 per kWh
    The government help ends in April, the price changes every 3 months.

    I'm heating the house to a million degrees now, so wont need much in April...
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    You didnt mention the most important part:

    "Looking further ahead, based on current plans, energy prices will rise a further 20% in April — taking a typical home annual bill from around £2,500 to £3,000 — as the Government scales back the amount of support available."
    It is ultimately all going to come out of taxpayers pockets.
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    I live in such a place. A cottage in a village in Scotland 700 feet above sea level with no gas. Fortunately the previous owners had the foresight to fit an air source heat exchanger and 18 solar panels and batteries. I'm nice and toasty
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    33p here.

    £495 in credit.
    £1300 in credit, they havent taken any money out since we got a smart meter
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    I just waiting till spring. Hope that people will go on the streets with this ridiculous prices.
    This!! No one is bothered!!
    Where are these people? Do they wake when it’s regarding insulation or green piece
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    For those in the middle nowhere, have you considered a diesel or oil powered space heater, similar to those in motorhomes? Guy on YT demoed one, then broke down all the figures, to show it cost 14p per kwh to run..
    Pushed out a good deal of heat for the price
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    Why share this? Nobody is going to be paying 90p per Kwh.
    And people said that about paying £0.40p yet here everyone is, we did a massive strike in the late nineties when petrol hit £1. We blockaded the pumps. Are we waiting for the £2 mark so we can complain some more on social alternative life apps?
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    It's all a lie, they tell us 90p so we'll be grateful at 45p yet no other countries pay 45p anyway. On a time of use tariff in Spain the worst hour is still cheaper than our cap, and at night it's 4c!

    They think we're mugs, and tbh they have a point.
    We're known in the UK to be quite passive people that just roll over and shrug our shoulders and they know that.I hope that changes though
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    I live down in the depths of Cornwall where a lot of the county doesn't have mains gas. A guy in work with has electric heating and it's costing him £18 a day
    I have gas and it's costing £10
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    I got a similar email from Eon Next, haven't bothered opening it knowing it will change nothing.
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    It's a nightmare,yes they are still having a cap but each time this rise happens they are letting it go up by £500 a time and I the cap is now reviewed every 3 months!!!,mums in a hospital type bed at home and already has a £1400 care bill we've had the heating on as much as we can it would cost at least £20 a day to have it on as much as we should but we can't afford that.We did get some help but it didn't scratch the surface as it was swallowed up by other rises in the cost of living.I survive on carers allowance so I have a very small income that is easily spent trying to help with these bills.It's bleak.
    Are you on your energy companies register for customers with health or disability issues. They have a duty of care to help you, under their licence or charter from ofgem.
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    It won't be 90p per kwh. Have you read it wrong?
    That’s what I was thinking.
    this is what I was sent yesterday.
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