Ps1 and Ps2 Game - Legaia series

Found 20th Aug 2006
hey guys, was wondering if you knew where i can purchase these games in london. i know its a pretty rare game especially "Legend of Legaia" for the ps1. selling for £60 something on ebay! madness!!
looking for "legaia 2 - dual saga" also.

or if anyone out there might have these games (good working condition) please pm me...

thanks again:thumbsup:
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The PS2 one is on ebay BIN price £12.99 plus £2.50 delivery. However, there are a few on general auction for much less! One just sold for £7.19 including delivery.

And the PS1 also for £30 BIN plus £3 delivery. Pricey, but if you REALLY want it.

There's a similar trade in shop to Gamestation called Cex, who are selling it for £2.00 however at the moment they don't have any in yet.

If you give them an email, they (have in the past) emailed back when it comes into stock...

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