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I was having a look at Amazon for one of my mates who has a 8 year old son and still has a psone and wanted Digimon the game for him as a present. So theres me wondeering along Amazon then i see £6.49 + £1.99 shipping...I wasnt willing to pay that for an 8 year old game which has stopped released...and that was used..Then i looked at them Brand New...People want £39.98 for the game BRAND NEW and even have the cheek to put £1.99 shipping on the end! How can earth can they charge this and who pays?!?!…1-1


bit cheeky seeing as there is a sealed one on ebay for 99p.

no one buys them, all 3 of them are from the same seller or chancer

People try it on all the time on there, look at some of the obscure VHS titles, people ask like £50+ for them on there, yet on ebay the same video might be only fetching a tenner. Look at Across The Lake, or Frog Dreaming for examples.

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Ebay! Completely forgot lol..and £50 quid...might be a deal
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