Posted 11th Aug 2022 (Posted 1 h, 24 m ago)
I wanted to port from Three mobile to O2 and found a good Sim only deal. £10 for 40GB data. I tried to order it at around 11 PM last week. The order errored out in the last page and when I clicked the retry option then I was told that it was rejected and asked to email O2 credit referrals to know the reason.

They came back after two days saying that it was not rejected by them , but by the "back office team" and they raised a request with them. It's been six days and no response.

I am not sure if I should go ahead and order again.

Meanwhile my credit file has two soft searches for ID verification and anti-money laundering searches from O2. I have a clean credit history ; no hard searches in last 5 years and no new credit accounts in last 5 years. I had contract phones with other providers without any issues.

Anyone aware of this issue with O2 ? What are my options ? Does sim only contract create hard searches in credit files ?
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    Don't worry it is an auto thing the O2 website does. The same thing happened to me when I was getting a Sim for my wife. I went through the process until the final bit of the checkout, when I changed my mind what Sim she would need. When I went through the process again, it rejected my application. I phoned them up and the bloke said just leave it a few days and try again, which I did and it went through fine.
    Thank you !
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