Found 31st Dec 2006
My son has broken his PS2 and has loads of games. Rather than buying something new like the wii we would like to buy another PS2.

The cheapest I have found so far is Argos at £94.99…htm

Anyone know of a better deal please?

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gamestation have it pre owned for £69.99
or game have it for £99.99 with a game

I reccomend either waiting til the PS3 comes out (in march, unless sony delay it again) and then in theory both new an used PS2's should drop in price alot. Or Sell the games and put the money towards getting a Wii instead. Buying a PS2 for £90 now is a complete rippoff.


Xbox 360 much better

Original Poster

Thanks guys.....


Xbox 360 much better

Since when did they play ps2 games?

If you leave near walsall or corby argos have some clearance bargin centres where you can pick up a ps2 and useally a game for 50 quid.

youre better waiting off for the wii..20 years worth of gaming, different way of playing games, affordable, easy running costs

but if you insist…OLE

plus 5% quidco cashback

Hey, hope i'm not too late. it's ]£109 @ LITTLEWOODS, BUT USE CODES ZG0333 & XX066 to get it for £59
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