PS2 cable for use on SAmsung LCD tv

    Hi, i have recently been informed that there is a cable I can get to improve the quality of the graphics of my LCD TV - can anyone advise me as to what this cable is, details on the availability and an estimate of the cost I will be expected to pay (I don't want much i know ;-) )

    Many thanks in advance


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    The best quality you can get from a PS2 is through component, this cable consists of five phono connections - red & white for audio then red, green and blue for video. This gives you a 480p signal which is noticeably better quality than RGB *if* the game supports progressive scan. As you've probably guessed, some do some don't - Rez, Ace Combat Zero and Guitar Hero II all support it but many of the others in my collection don't.

    Costwise I paid just eight quid for mine from Game, the cable at the phono end is thin and feels fairly cheap but the picture to me looks great when the game supports progressive.

    Hope this helps,
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