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    My sons ps2 wont work anymore so I am looking to buy a new one for christmas. Who is the cheapest ?

    8 Comments had the PS2 console for £69.99 but has gone up to £89.99 now. Amazon has the black console for £79.99 now.


    What's up with it ?

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    just wurrs and games wont load

    Most likley the lens need cleaning. Quite a common problem.

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    wheres lens

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    wheres lens…htm
    That's a decent guide to cleaning the lens. You only need to go up to the part where they clean the lens, then re-assemble the console.

    As Gavin said, sometimes the lens just gets dirty or needs adjusting, google it, it's the PS2 most common problem.

    As a guide see here (for v.1 (not slimline):…tml
    and here:…tml

    and you'll get the idea, but sometimes it works with just cleaning it with a lens cleaner (Disc with 2 little brushes on) and it could be the laser getting stuck on the rods it runs on, just put some oil on them.

    If it's a slimline you don't need to take apart to clean lens.
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