[PS2] Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends

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Found 9th Sep 2007
Can't find this at a reasonable price anywhere - Can't order from HMV and everyone is out of stock up to Gameseek at a silly £27. Even fleabay and Amazon market sellers only have over-priced sellers.

What's the best price? Anyone know where I can get it cheap(ish)?


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Ok, Amazon now have XL in-stock for £15.

Anyone know where I can get Dynasty Warriors 5 on the cheap?


have found some and these are the links

The hut - Games PS2 £8.97 Free Delivery

Asda the same price as The Hut and free delivery

Woolworth is £8.99 with free delivery too

my kids are mad on Dynasty Warriors too!! think they nearly have all of the games... =|

hope that helps with prices!


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Yeah, saw The Hut/Asda are selling it at £9 with a 2-4 week wait. I'll order it from them and see if they can get it.

Cheers for posting, glad someone tried to help! :]

My kids says it will be definately worth the wait and it more challenging than the Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends and your welcome, glad we can help! =)

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