PS2 game Colin McRae Rally (Platinum) 2005

Anyone know best place to get this from at best price (genuine, not copy).



][COLOR=blue]Amazon[/COLOR]has it for £11.97, or £13.96 with delivery, or add something else to make it free delivery.

Any reason you want the platinum version, as the normal one is only £7.98 from ][COLOR=blue]Game[/COLOR].?

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Whats the difference? Does the normal one allow 2 play option?

They are both the same & do the same . The platinum edition is just a re-release. (someone correct me if im wrong)

Platinum versions are worth less if you ask me. Yes they are re-released and are the exact same game. It's just the 'Platinum' range are a budget range, they are full priced games re-released a long time after their initial release but now at a budget price.

So just get which one is cheapest as there is no difference in the game. (I think, lol).

Yeah, I agree,they are both the exact same

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Thanks guys - Game here I come!
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