PS2 Network Adapters

    Hi everyone

    Does anybody know where I can get some brand new PS2 network adapters?
    Looking at about £20.00 each.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Can't see you getting a new one for £20 delivered, they go for 30 quid plus delivery on ebay.

    Ive got a ps2 network adaptor boxed and comes with ethernet cable,manual and network access disk, only been used several times

    il sell it for £30 which includes postage, on ebay they going for £35+

    Let me know thanks

    I think that they have stopped making them which is why you cannot find them in shops anymore. Hopefully someone else can confirm this.

    Yh that is correct, as the ps2 slimline have the network adaptor built in so no need to buy a network adaptor

    I think network gaming on the PS2 is poor, compared to that of XBOX live, I know that XBOX is a pay offering and PS2 is free. I got one of these from for about £20 delivered, they don't get them in stock any more.
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