PS2 network adaptor


    i am looking to buy a ps2 network adaptor. i dont want to go through the ebay route tho.

    ne1 know where i can get a new one?



    Hi instinct. These are extremely rare nowadays. The cheapest Amazon market-place seller is around £32! eek!

    Most of the big names sold these off around a year, 18-months ago, which is when I got mine and the Twisted Metal:Black bundle.

    I would suggest either ebay, or try to pick yourself up a cheap £50 slim-line ps2 which has the networking built in. By the time you sell your old ps2, you'll have paid around the same price for network access at any rate.

    Oh, and don't be tempted to get any of the cheapo USB network adapters for the PS2, as they simply do not work.

    Hope it helps.

    Check your local game shops they may have one or could get hold of one for you.

    Indeed, I forgot about that. Both Game and GameStation do pre-owned h/w. Gamestation tends to be that much cheaper. And the staff that much less arrogant and stupid. Well, arrogant anyway...


    i have one im willing to sell, make me an offer

    Tah-Dah! £23.33 delivered ]here

    Original Poster

    cheers paddy!
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