PS2 - No Price Cut for UK!

    OK this isn't a deal, but please vote cold with your disaproval.

    Everywhere in the world apart from the UK is getting a price cut on the PS3.

    Eurozone - 130 to 99 = £91
    USA - $129 to $99 = £69

    Demand a price cut in line with the USA! Vote cold with your disaproval and maybe Sony UK may take notice.

    Look at the news:…uk/


    This should be in misc

    PS2 or PS3 ?

    Also encouraging people to vote cold (??) will reduce your voting / rep power.

    Moved to Misc

    Doesn't really matter what it is, you'll be lucky to get a price reduction in this country due to the pound being weak against other currencies. The fact that it stays the same rather than going up means Sony UK are still making a loss.

    If this wasn't in misc I'd probably vote hot....

    [email protected] thinking Sony will jump up at the threat of cold voters...

    If only a cold vote really had that much power! LOL

    I was thinking do they even still make them, and if they do, who the hell buys them for £100 anyway?
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