PS2 on a HD TV

Found 24th Feb 2018
So my PS2 doesn't look great on my 24" HDTV. I'm using component cables too.

Anyone used the PS2 to HDMI adapter? If so, is it an improvement over component?

Any tips to make the quality playable?

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There’s not really much you can do, if you are using the component cable you are getting the best signal you can!! I mean come on it’s 18 years old this year.

if you have a PC you can emulate at higher reaolutions but the same still stands it’s just old.
Just recently hooked up the slim PS2 to a Panny 43" hdtv as Daughter wanted to replay 'The Punisher'
I used the scart to hdmi type adapter that came with the tv and it works to a point but as mentioned,does look so dated
I just need to find space for the PS1 now for the full Sony nostalgia trip
The PlayStation 2 may natively output video resolutions on SDTV and HDTV from 480i to 4480p while other games, such as Gran turismo 4 and Tourist trophie are known to support up-scaled 180i resolution using any of the following standards: composite video (480i), S-video (480i), RGB (480i/p), VGA (for progressive scan games and PS2 linux only), YPBPR component video (which display most original PlayStation games in their native 240p mode which most HDTV sets do not support), and D-Terminal Cables are available for all of these signal types; these cables also output analog stereo audio. Additionally, an RF modulator is available for the system to connect to older TVs.

Digital (S/PDIF) audio may also be output by the console via its TOSLINK connector which outputs 5.1 channel sound.
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Buy a 2nd hand CRT than supports 480p. The PS2 like the wii is horrible upscaled on a LCD.
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