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Found 27th Oct 2008

Does anyone know if you can play PS2online? How do you do it? Just loaded up Medal of Honour, and theres an option for online pla, but i can't see how to connect my PS2 to the net?

Cheers guys!

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You need a network adaptor.

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thanks. Any idea where to get one cheap?

phat or slim ps2... btw your not gonna get a ps2 network adapter cheap, your probably looking at paying £20+ IMO...



If you have a PS2 Phat.. you need to buy a PS2 Network Adapter

If you have a PS2 Slim..All you need is an ethernet cable... what you do is..insert one end into the back of the PS2 ethernet port... and the other in to your Modem/Router.

Try Connecting. SORTED!

If you need one, I have one for £20.00 delivered.


If you need one, I have one for £20.00 delivered.

Trade a modded XBOX for it?


Trade a modded XBOX for it?

Thanks, but no thanks. :thumbsup:

Is it free once you online?

I have no idea.
I have never used it.
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