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    Does anyone know if you can play PS2online? How do you do it? Just loaded up Medal of Honour, and theres an option for online pla, but i can't see how to connect my PS2 to the net?

    Cheers guys!


    You need a network adaptor.

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    thanks. Any idea where to get one cheap?

    phat or slim ps2... btw your not gonna get a ps2 network adapter cheap, your probably looking at paying £20+ IMO...



    If you have a PS2 Phat.. you need to buy a PS2 Network Adapter

    If you have a PS2 Slim..All you need is an ethernet cable... what you do is..insert one end into the back of the PS2 ethernet port... and the other in to your Modem/Router.

    Try Connecting. SORTED!

    If you need one, I have one for £20.00 delivered.


    If you need one, I have one for £20.00 delivered.

    Trade a modded XBOX for it?


    Trade a modded XBOX for it?

    Thanks, but no thanks. :thumbsup:

    Is it free once you online?

    I have no idea.
    I have never used it.
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