PS2 Replacement laser

    just before :santa: the PS2 develops the disk read error that seems to be a general problem after a while. Don't think the kids would be too impressed to receive a replacement laser for Xmas :giggle: so I need to get one (hopefully as cheaply as poss). It's for the older original console not the slimline model. Which seems to mean that the replacement item is far more expensive :-( :-(
    Ebay is generally around £40 - anyone know anywhere cheaper??

    Thanks guys

    PS tried cleaning it but still not working :-(


    Try turning the ps2 upside down (no joke), it works for me ever since the laser on my ps2 couldn't read the discs.

    would this really work??? cos my laser is knacked as well, wil def try it though, be the find of the century if it works haha
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