PS2 ribbon hell - Any experts?

    My PS2 drive got stuck last week and being quite keen on opening things I thought I'd have a go fixing it myself. Foolishly I actually decided to do this immediately and whilst fairly inebriated at around midnight.

    Anyway, I managed to take the necessary components apart and fix the drive door but ran into some problems putting the thing back together.

    In case you hadn't guessed yet, the problem is the the ribbon from the power/reset switch managed to detach itself from the motherboard in the process and now i'm utterly flumoxed.

    My unit is a UK 39003 version PS2 but I can't find any particularly detailed guidance about reconnecting the ribbon on this unit :thinking:

    Time is of the essence, I miss playing Global Defence Force so much


    It fixes into the side of the motherboard. :thumbsup: However once they've come out they are a nightmare to get back in properly :-(

    MBeeching, did you get my PM the other day?
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