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My sister has asked me to find some shooting games for her fiancee as a surprise Christmas present.
He likes war games in particular (but isn't a fan of Grand Theft Auto type games) and currently has:-
Call Of Duty Finest Hour
Call Of Duty Big Red One
Medal of Honour Rising Sun
Medal Of Honour Frontline
Goldeneye Rogue Agent
007 Everything Or Nothing
Brothers In Arms Road To Hill 30
The Great Escape

I've completely lost touch with Playstation games so could anyone suggest any good games and/or good deals for similar games on PS2?
If you don't have time to search for deals even mention of good shooting games would be helpful then I could search myself.
She suggested Call Of Duty 3 and 4 but in the shops I could only find Call of Duty 4 on Xbox360 and PS3. Am I right in thinking it's not on PS2?
Cheers in advance.


Possibly Get: Timesplitters Future Perfect
Its a sci-fi/comedy shooting game which he could like.
It is the sequal to the classic Timesplitters 2.

And Call of Duty 4 is only on Xbox 360/PS3/PC as far as i am aware.
Good Luck! :thumbsup:

The classic shooter for the PS2 is the arcade game Time Crisis. But it's getting on a bit now. And beware of old-fashioned light guns if your sister's bf has an LCD screen. They only work with old-fashioned CRT TVs.

Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood is the sequel to Road to Hill 30, and is a great game. If he enjoyed the first one I'm sure he'd enjoy the second.

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Thanks for your help guys/gals. Much appreciated.
Timesplitters gets some excellent reviews. Not sure if it will be too futuristic for Rob (he's more into history/present than the future) but it may well fit the bill.
Brothers In Arms:Earned In Blood sounds an excellent suggestion. Will definitely put that on a list of likely buys.
Time Crisis was a great game. Remember playing that on arcades, then I'm sure on our PS1 when we were at Uni circa 1998.
They do have an LCD though (Panasonic TX32LMD70, which I got for them, apparently it's a very good telly) which could be a problem. As it's old it might be cheap though so it may make a nice stocking filler.
Any other suggestions/deals. I see Call Of Duty 3 is around the £14 mark, is it worth it does anyone know?
I see the best price for Brothers In Arms :Earned In Blood is a place called SoftUk. Anyone ever ordered from them and know they are legit?

Gun :thumbsup:

I reckon its a good game, bit different set in the wild west

One word - Black.

It's basically gun porn, brilliantly realised and animated weapons. Top game -


£12.99 new.

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Thanks for all your help. Just to let you know, I bought Red Faction 1 & 2, Black, Timesplitters 2, Brothers In Arms:- Earned In Blood as well as Call Of Duty 3.
Obviously they've not ben played yet but I'm fairly confident he'll enjoy most of them. Bought mostly from Ebay as second hand wasn't a problem and it seemed to be cheapest.
Obviously I added rep to everyone for your help. Just thought it's nice sometimes that people know advice is listened to. Cheers:santa:

Ghost recon gets my vote.

Conflict (Global Storm) great online play as well.
Black (Seconded, probably one of the best shooters for PS2)
Sniper Elite
SOCOM (Combined Assault)
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