PS2 Slim Owners?

Found 10th Aug 2018
Hi, does anyone have a PS2 Slim they can check something on please?

Is the warranty sticker on the bottom of the console or the side? Looking to buy one on ebay and want to ensure it's not been opened. I always thought they were on the underneath, but one seller is saying it's on the side?!

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I’d check on the manufacturers website it’ll have how to find out my warranty info. Although any PS2 is well out of warranty anyway!!
I know, but it's to ensure the console hasn't been opened and tampered with.
On mine, bought from new, it is on the back between the Ethernet port and the air vent hope that helps
PS2 Slim SPCH-75003 Series

Mine is on the bottom covering the middle screw plug at the backside of the console.
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Some people remove sticker with the hairdryer open it to repair it then reapply the sticker some how
just started using mine for first time since 99/2000? (that's based on game saves for MGS and Res Evil on a 8meg memory card!, though not sure I got the ps2 until 2002!???) the sticker on mine is also on the underside BUT this has been opened and resealed so unsure how having the sticker will assure you of its originality or not, sorry!
I think the warranty ran out a long time ago. I would spend more time on check the laser mech of the device as this is the main point of failure.
Only reason to open one is to replace the dvd mech or mod it. I doubt anyone would remove the mod and a replaced laser isn't a bad thing.
The standard PS3 60GB is backwards compatible with the PS2 if any help
Hmmm... Wonder how much these are worth now, still got my old one with like 50 games. *Trundles off to eBay*
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