hi all
hope someone can help me
daughter caught her feet in thejoypad wires and pulled the ps2 off the side onto the carpet
powers up fine but it now wont read discs
its NOTcoming up with the red screen of death
sounds like its reading or trying to read the disc but stays on browser screen
if i press x it comes up with no data with a picture of a memory card
it has only had about 100 hours of play from new and is fitted with a DSM3 (i think its called)
so really dont think the laser is worn
it has NEVER had the red screen of death
has anybody any ideas what the problem could be
i know the obvious thing is a worn laser but was fine until it got knocked off
any help would be appreciated

EDIT : when listening to the laser it doesnt sound like its moving like it should is this normal on a laser that needs re-adjusting


It sounds like the laser has dropped and not picking up the sectors on the discs, 2 things u would either need your laser realligned which is hassle. or.......

get yourself a new laser of ebay cheap enough and replace as it comes straight out by taking the ribbon off.

I hope that helps

buy a ps3. its wireless.

go on youtube and type in ps2 laser fix. you will need to readjust your laser. it shouldnt be that hard.

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is is a phat or slim? most of those youtube vids are for the phat ones. … is is a phat or slim? most of those youtube vids are for the phat ones. Have you tried giving it a good clean? Wouldn't recommend a PS3, lol i'm a PS2 fangirl myself:thumbsup: mine stopped reading discs for a while, A heavy weight on top, even pressing down with your hands, til you find the best spot, usually gets it going again, well it did for mine, and a good clean.

yeah its a fat, version 9 but think it has a version 10 laser in it if i remeber correctly
no plans on getting a PS3 as got a 360
will check out youtube cheers

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just took it apart
the laser is moving up and down but not moving left to right along the rail
should it be moving along the rail whilst trying to read the disc

Lift the little head that sits on the worm rail and move the laser to the back, turn on the PS2 and it should move it back again.
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